Martin River Black Bear Hunting

Marten River Lodge is located on the Marten River and just a few miles south of Temagami. They are located on the border of WMU 40 and WMU 41. Black Bear hunting has been a tradition for many years with their bear hunters enjoying a 90% to 100% success rate every year. Black Bears in their area average around 175 pounds with big males over the 300 pound mark being available. On occasion Black Bears in the 400 pounds range get harvested. They multiple stands set up for both rifle and archery. This is an American Plan bear hunt with all meals and accommodations as part of the package..

Olive The Lake Bear Hunts: Olive The Lake is a hunting and fishing lodge located an hour north of North Bay, Ontario in the Temagami / Marten River wilderness zone. This area has a tradition for being one of the top Black Bear hunting areas in Ontario do to the vast amounts of wilderness and diverse terrain. The region is far enough south for a longer growing season. As a result the Black Bear population is extremely high and the bears get much bigger than the bears father north that have far less food to eat. It's common for their bear hunting guests to harvest bears in the 250 to 325 pound range, which is much greater than the Ontario average. In 2013 a hunting TV show harvested a monster 625 bruin and the video is available on their website. Their three Bear Management Areas total over 770,000 acres of prime Black Bear habitat and in all that wilderness they only have 10 baited Black Bear stands at the most strategic hotspots with some being accessible for persons with physical challenges. This ensures an extremely high success rate for their bear hunting guests. Olive The Lake has beautiful lakefront cottages and offers both American Plan, with delicious home cooked meals, and Housekeeping Black Bear hunts. All bear hunters are welcome to enjoy the great fishing.

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