Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunting

Shadd Lake Cabins We have a large Bear Management Area and we are licensed to have many baited stands spread out miles apart at strategic locations, which our guides feel are the areas that produce the biggest bears. Each hunter has three baited stands and can observe which baits are bringing in the biggest bears. We start baiting weeks before the hunt and our guides know which baits are the most active and most times can tell which bait has a big trophy bear visiting. Black Bears are common in the 175 to 225 pound range. There is no need to harvest a bear smaller than 175 pounds. It's just a matter of passing up a small bear and waiting for a good size bear to come into range. If you do want to pass on bears and wait for a big one, a 7-day hunt will give you a higher probability of success over a 5-day hunt. Both hunts are available. Black Bears in our area can get big. It's not unreasonable to think that a 300 to 400 pound male will be seen at your stand. Black Bears that big are territorial males so you will only see one if you see any at all that are in that size range. Black Bears have been known to exceed 500 pounds in Northern Saskatchewan. Fishing is beyond your imagination!!

Dahl Creek Outfitters is located north-east of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and close to the village of Hudson Bay, which is in a wilderness region known for having the biggest Black Bears on Earth. Black Bears are common in the 200 to 300 pound range but hunting guests that are patient often get rewarded with Black Bears over 400 pounds. In the last couple of years their hunting guests have harvested three Black Bears between 500 and 550 pounds. They have a large Bear Management area of over 300 square miles that is exclusively hunted by their hunting guests. They offer an American Plan spring bear hunt with comfortable accommodations and delicious home cooked meals. They also have hunting packages for Whitetail Deer.

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